Dream. Build. Grow.


Individual Coaching

Embark on a quest. Take on a new challenge. Step out of your paradigm. Remove old blocks. Answer the call from within. There are a lot of reasons to engage additional support. No athlete would be without a coach, yet too often we feel we must go it alone in other domains. It doesn't make sense except that somewhere along the way we were taught we had to show strength by being self-reliant. That might have been true at one point but life changes the rules, regularly. After mastering self-reliance, we need to learn how to add the right supports, how to guide our ships with the right teams and resources. We need different things at different times, and success comes when we learn to adjust to those needs quickly and to take action to bring forward what's needed. If you are looking for additional support to address an ongoing or new challenge, please get in touch to schedule a free consultation. 


Executive and Team Coaching

Bring your team together. Get aligned on a new challenge. Draw on resources to bridge gaps. Bring on support for key initiatives. Leaders and teams gain from outside support by adding new perspectives, bringing additional focus, and by adding levels of consciousness to support success. Most teams have the tools and resources to meet objectives, yet many of these resources remain hidden or are hindered by unresolved roadblocks. Success gets delayed or thwarted. An outside adviser can help support growth and bring important double-sight into key challenges and needs. Get in touch if you want to discuss your team's needs and see what support might be of value.



Whole Organization Coaching

Get your startup team on the same page. Meet extreme challenges with extreme levels of support. Show your team you're invested in them by offering wider ranges of support. Bring what's needed to accelerate growth. It's critical to identify sources of support organization-wide that will help small companies and startups go the distance. An outside advisor can also bring important mindfulness to unconscious obstacles or to identify dynamics that are blocking success, or to be a steady driver of change for special initiatives. This is especially true for dysfunctional circumstances that seem insurmountable or formidable. But these breakdowns are in need of a breakthrough, and the right coach and advisor with the right insight can provide the crucial support to facilitate change.


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I'm a coach, organizational consultant, and therapist working with clients in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as with clients online from around the world.

I bring a unique range of experiences and a diverse background to my work–-driven from my personal passion to support the growth and development of others. I specialize in working with people in high-stakes situations and in challenging environments. My background in organizational dynamics, startups, and in the corporate world provide a distinct set of lenses into difficult circumstances.

I divide my time among three core areas: as a coach, a therapist, and as an organizational consultant (bringing critical knowledge about unconscious dynamics to support executives and teams). The common thread throughout my work experiences has always been the fundamental element of transformation and change, pursued on social, cultural, and interpersonal levels.

During my career, I created and managed many efforts for startups, large corporations, and global consulting firms. I held executive positions at several large organizations, built startups, and worked for two members of Congress. All of these experiences contributed to a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing individuals, organizations, and communities.

My passions are pure and simple. I love the art of the possible. My work encourages others to get in touch with the depths of their psyche and imagination. My purpose lies in facilitating and supporting healing, transformation, and deeper understanding—for individuals, communities, leaders, and organizations. –Ed Santana, Ph.D.

In a dark time, the eye begins to see.
— Theodore Roethke